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Alphamusic: A Natural Sleep Remedy?

There are an ever increasing number of people who suffers from insomnia, perhaps yourself or a loved one are already in those ranks. If so, you’re no doubt aware that sleeping five hours or less per night increases our mortality rate from diseases and accidents by 15%. Left untreated, sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, accidents and in some extreme cases, death.

The quality of sleep we get is closely linked to how we think, act and feel.  So it will be no surprise to learn that eliminating or reducing sleep problems not only improves both health and well-being, it’s big business.

Just walk into any pharmacy or health-food store and you’ll find shelves groaning under the weight of pills, potions, lotions and gizmos that may or may not work and that’s before we get into the prescription drugs.

Dr Roderick FaheyOne thing that works for a lot of sufferers is music, often meditation based tracks however a respected Irish Doctor, Dr Roderick Fahey, has been using The Alphamusic of John Levine as the basis of his Wellsense Insomnia treatment.

Dr Fahey states,

There are many different types of sleep aids for insomnia, including non prescription and prescription medications. However, as a doctor, I will always try to take an holistic and natural approach to reaching a solution due to side effects or short effectiveness of sleeping tablets which are only designed to help bridge the gap for a few weeks. I look to the common factors that play a role in most sleep disturbances. Understanding these factors can help person overcome a sleep problem. These include a Wellsense Insomnia Assessment which seeks to first understand what could be causing sleep difficulties.

Broadly speaking I include the following areas: medical, lifestyle, diet, sleep environment, anxiety and depression in my assessment.

I encourage my patients to keep a Daily Sleep Diary and introduce my 10 rules for improved sleep hygiene. Following my assessment I am in a position to personalize a treatment plan. I normally recommend music as a first stage such as The Alphamusic of John Levine (www.silenceofmusic.com). I receive excellent feedback with positive results after treatment with this particular music. In summing up, I believe following a prescribed plan to bring back restorative sleep should work best for insomnia sufferers.

Could Alphamusic be your key to a regular night’s sleep? Why not check out Orange Grove Siesta, tho we’re not sure about the ‘recommended for women with  busy minds’ pitch!